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Friday, September 9, 2011

Post 007 - CIS 608

Interested in Information Security? Here are some links to good, free resources on Information Security topics:

Engineering Security

COINTELPRO and the Subversion of Anonymous

Reengineering Security

Computer Security Accidents that Might Have Led to Nuclear War

IT Security and Audit Policies

Social Networking Treatise

Introduction to Network Analysis

PERL Scripting and Live Response

Dumpster Diving

Targeting Intellectual Property

Open Source Security

Advanced Operators - Security Tactics

Introducing NMAP

Vulnerability Assessment

Trademarks and Domain Names

Controls and Safeguards

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan Development

Having Fun with Sysinternals

Creating an Attack Lab

Behind Cybercrime

Incident Response - Live Forensics and Investigations

Initial Triage and Live Response: Data Analysis

PDA, Blackberry, and iPod Forensics

Handheld Forensics

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