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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Post 001 - CIS 608

Post 001 - CIS 608

Welcome, everyone!

This is my first Blog Post for CIS 608 – Information Security Management at Bellevue University, Bellevue, Nebraska, and this is my Introductory Posting. Even though I have some kind of website since 1996 (i.e. see which was started in 1997), I haven't kept a regular "BLOG" before so this is a first.

I have worked in Information Technology for a long time and wrote my first paper about Information Security, a treatise on the problems leading to and associated with unauthorized access and S.B. 215 back in November 1979. Since that time, my experience and awareness of the importance of Information Security led me to pursue both greater opportunities of increasing responsibility related to Information Security, as well as some of the best recognized certifications in the industry.

So now, I want the academic background to go with my experience, knowledge, and certifications, and as a result, I started in an M.S. in CyberSecurity program at Bellevue University this week on August 29, 2011. Even though I am presently also part of the adjunct faculty at the Illinois Institute of Technology School of Applied Technology teaching Data Center courses, in the future I also want to be in a position where I can train the Cyberwarriors of America's Future.

In this M.S. in Cybersecurity program, the faculty members require us to keep blog for each course, so I set up one for each course and set up a 13th as a master blog to point to the others. Note the naming conventions I was able to set up.

========================================================= - Master blog - CIS 608 - Information Security Management - CYBR 515 - Security Architecture and Design - CYBR 510 - Physical, Operations, and Personnel Security - CIS 537 - Introduction to Cyber Ethics - CIS 607 - Computer Forensics - CYBR 520 - Human Aspects of Cybersecurity - CYBR 610 - Risk Management Studies - CYBR 615 - Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance - CYBR 625 - Business Continuity Planning and Recovery - DET 630 - Cyber Warfare & Deterrence - CYBR 525 - Ethical Hacking and Response - CYBR 650 - Current Trends in Cybersecurity


A word to the wise: I discovered something interesting, if you attempt something like this and you are using Google's Blogger at, be sure and use something like Google Chrome as your browser. Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser DOES NOT play well with the content for Google's Blogger, and that's especially true for trying to copy and paste into the Google Blogger window.

Finally, to start this off, I will also share some more information about me:





ISO 27001:








Love Story:


Best regards,

William Favre Slater, III
Group 2
CIS 608 Blog:
Chicago, IL

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