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Friday, November 18, 2011

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EDF used Trojans to spy on Greenpeace

EDF is a giant French Energy company. The head of nuclear energy at EDF was fined 1.5 million euros for commissioning Kargus Consultants to use Trojans to attack Greenpeace's Yannick Jadot’s computer in 2006, stealing 1,400 documents relating to the organisation’s campaign against nuclear power. Jadot was then head of campaigns in France.

This judicial ruling was extremely important because it was the largest of its kind that was ever awarded.

From the article:

"The court in Nanterre handed EDF’s former security head, Pascal Durieux, a three-year jail sentence with one suspended, while his deputy Pierre-Paul Fran├žois was given three years with 30 months suspended.

"The head of Kargus, Thierry Lorho, was given three years in jail with two suspended and a 4,000 euro fine while his technical expert and former secret service man, Alain Quiros, was given two years suspended."

"The evidence presented at the trial showed that the espionage undertaken by EDF in its efforts to discredit Greenpeace was both extensive and totally illegal. The company should now give a full account of the spying operation it mounted against its critics," said Greenpeace UK executive director, John Sauven.

What was especially astounding was that Pascal Durieux was a retired rear admiral from the French Navy and Pierre-Paul Fran├žois had worked as a policeman.

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