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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Post 064 - CIS 608

Week Twelve Assignments- Maps to Course Obj. 6


: Chapter 12, Management of Information Security, 3e.

: Powerpoint Slides, Chapter 12, located in Course Documents, Lecture Notes

Learning Objectives - Week 12

Differentiate between law and ethics
Understand the role of culture as it applies to ethics in information security
Access current information on laws, regulations, and relevant professional organizations
Assignment 12.1
This assignment is worth 50 points.
Complete the peer evaluation form (top of page - PeerEval.xls) for your group members and post it to the assignment link.

Assignment 12.2
This assignment is worth 50 points.
Provide background on the Communications Decency Act. Why was it enacted? When? Who sponsored it? Now provide information on the organization which led the effort to have this overturned... again, why? when? who? What was the outcome? Include any opinions you may have on this.

Assignment 12.3 (post to the Week 12 Forum)
This assignment is worth 50 points; 25 points for your original posting, and 25 points for participation.
Using any resource at your disposal, find out what laws your state (or country) has passed to prosecute computer crime and provide a short description of them. Were you surprised at what you found? Disappointed in what you found?
Minimum Posting Requirements: You must post at least five messages to get credit for participation. The first message is your original posting, due no later than Wed. At least two of the other messages must be responses to other student original postings. This is a pass/fail type of grade. If you meet the minimum requirements you get the points. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, you'll get no points for participation. Messages must be posted on more than one day. Don't wait until the last minute!

Group Assignment-Week 12
This assignment is worth 50 points.
As a group, determine a best response to the Case Exercises for RWW, Inc. at the end of the chapter. Use your group forum area for discussion, located under the Groups button to the left...
Have one person in your group post the group consensus, labeled as "Week12 Post - Grade Me" to your group forum.

Assignment 12.4 (Post to your Blog and to the Week 12 Forum)
This assignment is worth 50 points.
Time to finish up your blog. This last assignment should be a retrospective look at your postings over the last 11 weeks. Time for a little analysis. Write up an entry that provides a summary of what you chose to write about.
First, you need to categorize your topics of choice. Did you write primarily on operating system issues? User errors? Viruses? Or did you write about a variety of topics? Why did you choose those topics?
Next, you need to include an analysis of where you got your material. Did you use the same source each week? A variety each week?
As the last part of this entry, include whether or not you thought this type of blog might be useful to an information security professional and provide a few lessons learned for the next group of students.
To get credit for this assignment, the URL must be posted in this assignment.

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