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Friday, September 9, 2011

Post 006 - CIS 608

Weather Forecast: Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Certifications

I think that we will look back at 2011 as the point when Cloud Computing got real and finally took off. And with all the government focus to control IT budgets and move IT operations and applications into secure Cloud Data Centers.

Be sure and read the IEEE Computer Magazine from August 2011. They are already publishing scholarly articles about the best uses for Cloud applications on Mobile Devices and using mathematical principles to model how to determine the best configuration for your Cloud Planning. Translation: This represents a big departure from the previous crop of Cloud Articles that just addressed security in the Cloud. In other words, people assume “it's real; it's here; so now what's the best way to use it?"

The Windows Live Public Skydrive link below has some important resources to get ramped up on knowledge about Cloud Computing:!160

I am also in a Cloud Computing Pathway certification program that is online, self-paced and self-study. I passed my Cloud Computing Foundation certification exam on June 28, 2011. Just four more courses and exams and I will earn the Cloud Computing Expert Certification. More about the program at this link:

By the way, I have known all this Cloud Stuff was coming for the last 6 years, when Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie wrote their famous "Cloud Memos" as publicly released documents, to the employees at Microsoft in October 2005. You will find those memos on that skydrive link, which is of course, in the Microsoft Cloud:!160

Also, many of you will remember that in 2008 I was the first Data Center Manager for Microsoft's Flagship Cloud Data Center - the Chicago Data Center, located in a suburb of Chicago. So I have been kind of a "Cloud Computing Advocate" for quite a while now.

This is an article I wrote about Cloud Computing at the end of 2008. Welcome to the Cloud (Again)!

This is my Cloud page.

See you in the Cloud, my friends!

Best regards,

William Favre Slater, III
MBA, M.S., PMP, CISSP, SSCP, CISA, ISO 27002, ISO 20000, ITIL v3, Cloud Computing Foundation
Project Manager / Program Manager
Chicago, IL
United States of America

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