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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Post 041 - CIS 608

The Economic Justification for Cyberweapons

The diagram above from Technolytics, shows how cyberweapons are now possible and much cheaper than building a $2.2 billion stealth bomber, a cruise missile, or a stealth fighter. In addition, the possible throw-weight and the attack velocity of a cyberweapons is far greater than a bomber, missile, or fighter, because a cyberweapon can conceivably attack any "target" that is attached to the Internet. The good news is that these devices have the advantage of the Internet, but the bad news is that they are vulnerable to cyberweapons that could strike on the Internet. (Remember the Army axiom, "Tracer rounds work BOTH ways.")

Technolytics. (2011). Cyber Commander's eHandbook: The Weaponry and Strategies of Digital Conflict. Purchased and downloaded from on April 16, 2011.

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